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About Max Schrems

Get known Max Schrems and his work for data protection in Europe in our introduction video. The video introduces him as a lawyer and as a person. He describes his motivations for his fight for the implementation of the GDPR in reality. In addition, the video shows how he obtained the European Court of Justice to invalidate the Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield agreements. You can find more information on our page about Max Schrems, on Wikipediaand on the page of his non-governmental organization noyb.

video about Max Schrems, Europe’s most famous data protection officer, about the case of Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield as well as noyb.

Changes due to the Privacy Shield decision

What specifically has changed for European companies with the Privacy Shield decision by teh European Court of Justice?

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The US surveillance laws also allow industrial espionage and are not directed exclusively against terrorism etc.

Max Schrems on espionage

Non-solutions, which are described in various papers

„I can’t smoke as much to make up such nonsense as written in these papers.“ (Max Schrems)

Max Schrems explains that all of the solutions described for processing personal data in the USA are incorrect.

Storing the personal data data in the EU

My US provider stores my personal data in Europe. Does this ensure GDPR compliance?

Encryption of personal data (supplementary measures)

Is encryption a solution if you want to process personal data in the USA?

Max Schrems explains in which cases encryption can be a solution for processing personal data – and in which cases it cannot.

Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC)

Why can’t I use the Standard Contractual Clouses if I want to have personal data processed in the USA?

video about Max Schrems, Europe’s most famous data protection officer, about the case of Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield as well as noyb.
Why the Standard(SCC) update was overdue but does not help for processing personal data in the US.

Email and Content Delivery Networks

May I send the data to an insecure third country within the framework of an email or content delivery network transfer?

Although not explicitly regulated in the GDPR, consent management has become established – the „cookie banner“, which is actually controls much more than cookies. What does Max Schrems think of Consent Management?

Consent Management

Which US companies do US surveillance laws apply to?

Do US surveillance laws apply to all US companies or are there exceptions?

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