Edward Snowden

Whistleblower in the name of data protection

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden exposed the US surveillance measures

IT expert Edward Snowden became known when he disclosed NSA classified data and documents to the press in 2013. These top secret documents exposed massive data protection violations by various governments. Snowden sparked the NSA affair with his whistleblowing. Bis heute setzt sich Edward Snowden für Datenschutz-Belange weltweit ein ‒ inzwischen aus dem russischen Exil.

For reasons of conscience:
Privacy trumps patriotism

Edward believes that systematic infringment of privacy by the government is a crime against humanity. German Newspaper Die ZEIT quotes Snowden: “Individuals have international obligations that go beyond the national obligations of obedience.” (Source) Because the 38-year-old takes his international obligations seriously, he had to leave his home USA over eight years ago.

Edward Snowden has received numerous awards for his services to data protection. Among other things, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He is a sought-after speaker and interview partner – due to his special situation, however, he is always broadcast online.

Privacy doesn’t mean hiding something. Data protection is something that needs to be protected.”

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden’s Data Protection Service to Europe

Edward Snowden uncovered not only national but also global imbalances by releasing US intelligence data: spying on e-mails, monitoring computer usage or cell phone connections by governments. Snowden uncovered systematic data protection violations that were explosive for us Europeans – and still are today.

In 2013, German politician Jürgen Trittin praised Snowden’s moral courage in relation to data protection with the following words: “He has done Europe a service by revealing a massive attack on European citizens and companies”.

Author of “Permanent Record”

In 2019 Edward published his autobiography “Permanent Record. My story”. In it he draws the story of a computer nerd with a keen sense of justice. For the last two years before his revelations, he was doing his job for the government practically on the side, while collecting evidence of the massive data protection and legal violations by the US intelligence services.

With his book, Snowden wants to stimulate thought about data protection and moral courage.

Edward Snowden biography
Edward Snowden biography

privacy provided

Edward Snowden wants a world where children can grow up with a sense of privacy. In order for teh bad state of affairs to change, it is important to point on them again and again. At the same time, solutions need to be identified, especially when it comes to data protection and security. Only those who know their rights can also stand up for them. That is why Snowden supports privacy provided as a discussion partner in our Fireside Talk.

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